Ok so I am
15 years old
very skinny
not much fat or muscle(especially upper body)
140 lbs.

I am starting the P90x program soon, and i am fully committed to finishing the full 90 days. They emphasized the importance of supplementing throughout the program. I do not have the money to buy all the supplements they advertise, and i’m sure there are cheaper alternatives and some products are not necessary. So that is my question. Here is an item i am sure i need:

100% whey protein: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000QSNYGI?ie=UTF8&tag=brettdorseyco-20

I also already have a multivitamin, fish oil(omega 3), and vitamin b complex. Are these the right pills to take?

Should i use creatine? Here is what i was looking at:

If not i was looking at this product too, which also has creatine and other stimulants inside. This is a pre-workout drink:

I would only take one of these products above (creatine)

Are there any other products i should buy? Any i should not take? better products than above? which brands are best (cheap, but effective)? Please leave a thorough answer, and i will pick a best answer quickly thank you :)
Ok, creatine may bloat you, but has been shown to GREATLY increase muscle mass. And once you cycle creatine off you lose all the water weight. Besides, I have room to gain some weight. I appreciate your answer that i am on track with the pills though.

*Also: I would love to decrease muscle soreness throughout the program, because i am a pitcher for JV high school baseball.. Will these products decrease soreness? or any other porducts that would work? Thanks

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