I have been experiencing extreme bouts of stress and anxiety for the past six months. Some of this is due to my husband losing his job as an autoworker, our landlord of our apartment building going into foreclosure, finding a new place to live and trying to finance home costs and paying for my college tuition on one salary.
in the past couple months, I have become fearful of social situations an increase in appetite my acne has become worse and my scalp has been extremely itchy. Also, I feel like im extermely tired all the time. Like I can get 8-10 hours of sleep and still be exhausted all day long. I feel like my entire body is shutting down. I have tried yoga and excersize eating a better diet and relaxation techniques but I have not been able to keep my stress under control.
I am asking if the physical symptoms I have described are due to stress and if I should see a medical proffesional regarding this.

Sorry its so long, thanks.

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