***I want a very detailed answer***

Hi, I want some advice from you expirienced people out there. I want to build muscle. I’m already pretty muscular but I want to get bigger and have great abs. Very muscular arms. I want a muscular back too.

So, I want to know:

What are good foods I should eat daily? I mean breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

What are some good protein shakes/suppliments I can take?

What are some good workout routines I can do?

What are some productive guidelines I can follow?

***Note- I want to work out daily Monday through Friday***

I’m sorry to sound so demanding, but I don’t know much about the professional ways to do it.

Thank you for your time!
I want ripped. I’m sorry I didn’t state it earlier. Very ripped!
To the roidmonster, I don’t wanna get that big.. I want to look something like (example) sean faris or taylor lautner, NOT like vin diesel or dwayne johnson.

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